Rough Justice
Rough Justice

This web site was produced 2004, most recent update 2012. I have not updated the names used by the Law Society for the complaints department, as it has changed many times over the years, twice whilst my case was in progress, currently it is called The Legal Ombudsmen, so it appears the two services have combined. According to the FAQ on their web site, they are still funded by the Law Society. Will this make them impartial I ask myself ?
I have not named the firm of solicitors I used illustrated in this web site, because after seeking legal advice, I was advised I would  have to have severely  limited the content, which itself is an injustice.

The purpose of this web site is to illustrate the pitfalls when using unscrupulous solicitors, and the
difficulties you will encounter when using the Law Society, (in its ever changing guises), to seek
redress. It also illustrates the problems when attempting to use the various Ombudsmen who are
supposed to assist in arbitrating and policing the bodies they in fact seem to represent. This includes the
legal Ombudsman and the Financial Ombudsman. The systems are ever changing in name and
supposedly mission statements, but I can only illustrate what happened to me, echoed by the many
people who have contacted me with similar or even worse experiences, when these bodies ignored
their existing mission statements and written procedures with a disregard that beggars belief, so
what is the point of changing procedures when the old ones were never followed anyway?
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You may think the Law Society and the Ombudsmen are on your side, read this web
site, then think again! You may find the advice
 within useful if you are having
problems with your solicitor.
The Law Society, Solicitors, Ombudsmen, Data protection office.
Just whose side are they on?
This site offers advice based
on personal experience only,
and makes no claim to have
any legal qualifications
If you would like to comment on this site, please email here. I am sorry, but I
am unable to provide assistance as I have no legal qualifications whatsoever.
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