The Legal Ombudsman, a total wast of tax payers money
There is very little I can say about the legal Ombudsman, as they in fact do very little. I sent a
full bound and indexed chronolagy of events, listing the multitude of failures to follow
processes at the law Society, and illustrating with evidence.

They reported back in about 6 months, clearly not having read my input, and as I stated in
my response, it could have been written by the law society themselves, (and possibly was!).

It said the Law Society had followed process, but had taken a long time, (about 5 years from
start to finish), but said I had accepted compensation.

They directed that a letter be responded to when new evidence had come to light during the
investigation. This evidence basically proved that the solicitor had lied on a key issue, and
failed to produce the evidence to support what he had said when the appeal panel said he
should, but based their findings on the assumption he had told the truth.

he could not produce the letter, and the investigator obtained it himself from the solicitor of
the firm I had taken to the Tribunal. This letter proved beyond doubt I had been correct, and
the solicitor had lied, but the appeal findings are final!

I had written asking for the case to be reopened, and for comments on the fact that the
soliciors utterances had been taken as fact, when he had lied, but after multiple letters to the
investigator, they refused to comment, but gave me another 500 for the additional failures.

I recieved an interesting letter from a reader of this web site who had evidence of collusion
between the Law Society and the Ombudsman. I have not seen this evidence, but I can
confirm the actions of the Ombudsman gives strong support to the Law Society, and when I
asked an operator on the Ombudsmans help line if they had ever used their power to
reinvestigate cases, I was told not to his knowledge.
The Ombudsman has whole departments using a single persons name, resulting in no
chance of any continuity, most correspondance giving the impression of being standard pre
formatted letters.
I wrote to my MP on the issue, and he passed my concerns on to Parliament, and the letter I
got back commiserated with me saying things would change!!